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Commercial Disputes and the Pandemic

The economic disruption and strain caused by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is giving rise to a variety of commercial problems and disputes.  During these unprecedented times, Rossman Saxe is especially equipped to handle the most pressing commercial and business litigation matters. 

The firm expertly handles cases involving, among other things, insolvency, commercial loan defaults, foreclosure and eviction, bankruptcy, forbearance, breaches of commercial contracts, business breakups, property tax appeals, and a variety of other services that may be necessitated by the current circumstances.  Our services also include expertise in asserting and defending matters involving the doctrine of “force majeure,” which may apply where delays or failures in performance of contractual obligations result from causes beyond one’s control.

Regardless of industry, many business owners find themselves combing through their contracts to assess their exposure if they are unable to perform their obligations or if their vendors or other third-parties fail to perform as a result of the pandemic. Ensuring that your current contracts contain the necessary language to insulate your business’s interest is crucial.  Meanwhile, many businesses are faced with the grim reality that performance on contracts may not be possible if the business fully complies with the government mandates issued to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

If a dispute arises between your business and a third party, regardless of the nature, our experienced business litigators stand ready to act as zealous advocates on behalf of your business interests.  We have extremely effective attorneys, systems, and strategies in place to achieve the best results during these uncertain times.  We are here to help.  And, as always, remember that it is best to involve your attorneys early in the process.